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New concerns over safety of arsenic in drinking water

                  Creative Commons/ Roger McLassus

Catherine de Lange for New Scientist

How safe is our drinking water? Baby mice have severe growth problems when their mothers were given water containing arsenic – at levels considered safe for humans – when they were pregnant and lactating.

Arsenic in drinking water has been linked to many health problems. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that water containing up to 10 parts per billion (ppb) of arsenic is safe. As many as 25 million people in the US, and many more worldwide, get their water from unregulated wells and so drink water with an arsenic concentration that exceeds this level.

Joshua Hamilton at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and his colleagues gave water containing arsenic at 10 ppb to pregnant and lactating mice, then monitored the development of their pups…Carry on reading

Philadelphia takes a revolutionary approach to stormwater

Catherine de Lange for Green Futures

A $2 billion, 25-year project to deal with excess water in Philadelphia has been given the green light, bucking the trend for urban water management.

‘Green City, Clean Waters’ will not only reduce water pollution but transform much of the city’s infrastructure, making it something of a sustainable idyll. The $2 billion, 25-year project was agreed by the Philadelphia Water Department and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in June.

The current water system combines stormwater storage and sewerage. During periods of heavy rainfall it overflows, causing sewerage to flow through streets and into the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers. The project will replace as much as one-third of the city’s existing impervious cover – about 4,000 acres – with natural or porous surfaces that can intercept stormwater, store it, and then release it at a controlled rate.

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